Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dear Diary

WALT: record and share our thoughts. Text type: Diary
Success Criteria
Self assessment
Buddy Assessment
Teacher Assessment
Introduce yourself and your role “Dear Diary...”

Honest thoughts and feelings at the time

Likes and dislikes

Expression / Personality (sounds like you)

Date plus optional title for each entry

Actions from practice and performance

Great examples here: Link

13th of august
Dear Diary, let me say what my name is.It is Jack. noooooo it is the first day of the production
practice I am so nervous. I am one of the 7 whales When my name was called out for the 7 whales.
I was like this when my name got called out for the whales   I am a whale year year!!!!!!.
own speech my I like to dive deep to here the old grumbling groper and check out the dozy John dory.
Its really hard to remember your line but when you have done it lots of times you get used to so that is

good. we have performed to the to the adults we have done it about 5 times and we are doing one tonight
Displaying Copy of IMG_4789.JPG This is me dancing to the song

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  1. Now that is a great photo of your awesome performance, Jack!