Monday, September 23, 2013


Yesterday we went yachting/kayaking it looks like we all had some fun out there yesterday. the good thing was that the boat did not capsize
when me and Flynn  went to turn the boat we just about capsize
me and Flynn could not stop laughing and we had to go back to where we all park own boats.

When we went kayaking we all had to kayaking around all of the boats and when we were kayaking we saw a lot of big boats.

When me and Jared went yachting he was not happy so I started to make him be all happy and he said to me to take him back and I did but when I got back i told him that I will help him on the boat.
I helped him do the mainsheet he started to feel better and i think I was a good teacher.                    

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  1. You were a fantastic captain. You definitely helped the other kids relax and have fun. You should be really proud of yourself. You are also a great kayaker. You were very fast and quick at turning.