Thursday, September 04, 2014

A friend

photo (11).JPG This is what I did it is      so awesome I love I put my best effort into it. It is all about a friend and it will help you get a friend to so those people that don’t have a friend read this and then you will get a friend so do it.

                                           A FRIEND
        A Friend is a kind of a person that cares for you
                    A Friend will let you use there soccer ball
                               A Friend will be nice to you
                    A Friend will let you go to their birthday
                      A Friend will let you go to their house
          A Friend will play with you and you play with them
           A friend will peel the plaster of gently off your cut

                               made by Jack Wilkinson


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  1. I love how proud of your poem you are, Jack. Now you have two posts for it. Your poem deserves it!