Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My home

This is my Simpsons home
photo (8).JPG
I used lots of stuff for the home. It was so hard and fun at the same time. The hardest thing was making the house because it was hard to stick together and the tree was hard too. Dad was thinking of not using the hot glue gun and using tape.  
All of it is made out of cardboard with some card paper.

Made by Jack Wilkinson


  1. What an amazing building, Jack! What a great project to do for Genius Hour!

  2. Well done Jack. Great determination and problem solving to complete your house with your dad.

  3. Jack you have obvously spend alot of time and effort making your Simpson's House. If it is still in your classroom I would love to come and see it. Tino pai Jack!

  4. Hi Jack, what a super building you have created. I remember when you were younger you used to love tinkering in the shed with your dad. You've showed good determination to try and make the house without a glue gun. What is genius hour?

  5. Wow Jack what a fantastic creation...I'm guessing you would have had to shown a lot of determination to finish the task when it got tricky. Is there anything inside? Will you add to your house? Would it be ok to come and have a look?

  6. Hi Jack. Awesome building. Kendra Coombe made up moo glue which is really strong. Email her for the recipe.

  7. Wow Jack that is really awesome!
    I showed my dad and he was really impressed.
    You must of showed great determination to complete it
    You should be very proud of yourself
    Maybe one day you may be a famous builder of even a architect.

  8. jack that is a awesome simpsons home

  9. Fabulous Job Jack
    I am So Impressed
    You Showed Pride And That is awesome!!!

  10. AWESOME house. Does the gutter work?

  11. Awesome house Jack I like the gutter.
    Keep up the superb work Jack.