Thursday, November 13, 2014

TV or Internet

Hi guys I am going to be talking about what you should use to make a add on TV or internet.  
I think the TV is way better than the Internet because it is safer than on the internet because on the laptop other people can get on the internet but on the TV no one can get on it. But It does it on the internet. But don't leave just yet The voice is way better than on the Internet you can hear it better and it is easy to make it on the TV. Heaps of people go on the TV instead of going on the internet and TV is the best.

We all love the TV instead of the internet we should all use TV. You can get  internet on TV but you don't need to.
It is still good but when you make it doesn't look better. Not better than TV
and more people have a TV then a laptop and you can watch it better than on the internet and you don't have to have internet on a TV but you still can get internet on TV and the TV is awesome and you can get a flat screen and a big SO DO IT ON TV.



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