Friday, June 06, 2014

Waka ride

Today my class went out to Clive. My mum came. I was in my mum's car with my mates. And once we got there I saw a big Waka with a whole lot of people putting the paddles on board. The boss name was Jim Edwards, he was the guy that will do the haka on the back of the waka. And he showed the weapons. I wish I had one that they had. The waka can hold 40 people,the bigger boat holds 200 people. That is so big. It seemed that the boat was going nowhere until we started paddling at the same time
waka (5).JPG because if we didn't we would be going very slow and it will take a long time. It was a big as job and when we went backwards into base. I was so happy that I did the whole thing and my mum was so happy that she did it too. I was so hungry when we finished it and...

THANK YOU for all the parents that came to help transport the class
and thank you Mr Moriarty:)

This is me in the black by Rosemary, then Zach, then Ben.



  1. This is an amazing blog post, Jack!

    Your writing is improving so much. I am very proud of you. I love the bottom photo. Well done!

  2. Awesome blog post Jack
    It's a great piece of writing.
    Keep the posts coming