Wednesday, September 11, 2013

parkvale learn

  • bring your school clothes
  • bring the shoes that you like
  • bring your happy face
  • bring your brain

                             how to be a parkvale kid
When you get to school hang your bag up and play around. When the bell rings you get your hp mini out and do comments. Soon it will be brainfood time. At  brainfood time you should have something that is healthy for your  brain.

Maths Time: we do studylander or list 123456 if you are stuck like me you miss the one that you are stuck on and ask the guy next to you for help.  
                                           After brainfood
After brainfood time:  We do writing Miss Garland will say what we can do but we always do cool as writing. I am doing it right now. What I am doing right now we are doing how to be a parkvale learner when you be a parkvale learner you must show your parkvale school manners .

                                     morning   tea
morning tea: You get to have some  fun,  you can play with the kids that do  handball,  ball tag or you can just walk around.


The library is full of cool interesting books. You can go at lunch time to get books out or its a nice quiet place to hang out.

sports:you should go At parkvale school we do a lot of sports. We have rugby,soccer, netball. t ball, ripper, miniball, canoe polo and hockey. You need to sign up and then you get in a team and you should practice at home to get better and to help your team out.







  1. WOW! that was a fantastic job Jack if you keep going like this you will be a great writer when you are older.
    Keep it up.