Friday, June 27, 2014

mid year

      mid year reflection
                                           Flax Rock
  • My favorite of the year is the flax rock because that was my first time there. It was so hard and so cool. I want to go there again and again to hear. When I finished the flax rock wall called the ladder I felt pleased with myself that I did that.
  • My best thing I learnt was the maths with my perimeter and area. I have learnt lots about maths. It is getting more fun and better. I am so happy at my maths.      

                       Canoe Polo
  • I really love canoe polo. Canoe polo is one of my best sports. I think I am good at canoe polo. I score lots of goals and I play good.


  • I am getting better at my reading and I know more skills and I feel more better at reading. Something I need to get better at is reading more fluently.

1 comment:

  1. Great reflection Jack!
    I liked going to Flax rock to.
    Well done.