Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Clive pools

   Clive pools
                             made by Jack
Beep beep beep mum and my brothers and my sister were in the car waiting for me. We are on the way to Clive pools. I saw 6 holders in a row on the way to Clive pools. When I got there I was so excited about the pools. “We are going into the pools now” I said, “I am going to have so much fun. I am going to get changed now.” Before we dived into the pool we had lunch.
“yum we had the best lunch ever.” I dived into the pool it was so deep it was over my head. An then there was this kid that told me to dive over that boy. He was a big boy. And I did it. Splash I dive over the big kid. wow!!! I jumped over a big kid. that was so awesome!!!. I feel like I am the best diver in the world. After that I went to the shallower pool with all the little kids. When I went in there I got some toys in the little kids pool and I brought them into the deeper pool. And guess what I did? I made a hut with the toys it was so hard to make it. I had to have lots of toys to do it. I made it in the water so it would be hard as I put buckets on top of their hut so the hut will stay down not going up. And there was a slide next to my hut will guess what happened? You know how the slide is next to my hut wow a big kid hit my hut nooooooo!! my hut is broken. I hate that guy he just hit my hut nooooo. Mum said 1 hour to go until we go home nooo can it be 3 hours no only 1 hour to go said mum
ok I guess so. I tried to make the hut again but I didn't want to because

I did not want to do it because it will take to long. I took all the toys back to the little kids pool. it was time to go home I got changed into my clothes and we went back home but on the way back home me mum and my sister and brother went to get some hot chips where did we go to have our chips we had our chips at the park with a river at the park the park was awesome

and there was a bmx track next to the park those chips were so nice I want more and more more. And guess what I said to mum I said I want more she said no what!!!

why not because. can I get some thing then OK we will go to the 4 square
I got a bag of lollies and a drink to drink on the way back home. I was rubbing it on my sister and my brother face shame shame I just got a bag of lollies and a drink to drink on the way back home when I got home I had to unpack the car that because my sister and my brother didn't get a drink and a bag of a lollies so that why I am doing this job and because mum took us to the pool so that is why I am helping my mum. when I got inside I went to go to sleep and play on my iPod and play lots of game on my iPod
like fun games. I had so much fun on my iPod I played 9 games on my iPod I asked mum if I can go to Clive pools again. she said we might go again next week mum said why do you want to go there again because it was so much fun at Clive pools. I had the time of my life at Clive pools I want to go there again and again and again, I want to go there 100 time that how much fun I had a t Clive pools that is how fun it is at Clive pools.


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